Company Profile

Kofukumono is incorporated in Singapore in October 2013 as a sister company of Yea Trading, which started its food distribution business in 1998.

Kofukumono’s principal activities cover F&B distribution to corporations as well as a retail front that serves the needs of end consumers.

At the distribution front, we identify and collaborate with viable corporate customers in the F&B network for its signature spicy fish otah.  We supply this high quality product to established restaurants, food stalls, bakeries and more to support their product offering to their very own customers.

To remain our competitive stand in the market and to continuously meet the demands of our corporate partners, Kofukumono continues to delve, explore and create unique food concepts that is an amalgamation of appeal, traditions and great taste. A new product that is now available are salted egg yolks of varying qualities that are suitable for general food cooking or baking purposes as well as incorporating into higher end products such as mooncakes.

Kofukumono has an additional retail arm, kofuku, where its presence and interaction with its end consumers or valuable customers is primarily conducted via online.  By offering quality sweet and savoury range that spell defining elements of culture, happiness, traditional tastes and even warm loving memories, kofuku has now garnered positively strong support from its customers simply by word of mouth authentication.



To be the choice F&B entity that offers unique sweet and savoury treats that is of rich heritage, consistent quality and utmost happiness.




To add an additional quality offering to corporate customers in Singapore.

To explore viable collaboration opportunities in other countries within Asia.



To maintain customer experience by providing them with a healthy range of quality sweet and savoury range as well as our personable service.

To achieve an expanded retail target reach in Singapore, especially within the CBD region.


Core Values


We act in honesty, transparency and accountability.


We deliver reliable quality in a sustainable and consistent manner.


We delight our customers with a “WOW” factor in our professional and disciplined conduct.


We instil a creativity element in our work process, delivery and product offerings.


We respect each other and promote team spirit within and outside the operating environment.